Me and my family

We live in Kiikala, part of Salo, at the Southwest of Finland. My family is me and my husband Teemu, and our furry "children"; dogs. We live at our own house, that we have been renowating now and then. That's what they say... house is never ready! :D

My hobby with dogs is dogshows, that I go to quite often. At the summertime we all go to shows and stay all weekends at campings. So show-weekends are little holidays for us aswell. :) We have a caravan, so staying nights away are easy and dogs love it! At winter-time I go to shows mostly alone or with friends. We have so much fun! ;)

Teemu's hobby is to drive around forests and moists with ATV, they arrange massive off-road happenings around Finland that he goes to and gets mudded! ;)

Our weddings 07.07.07